Salt is transparent, brittle metal used since ancient times to give food taste and save it, composed of elemental sodium salt, chlorine and sodium chloride is known scientifically. Salt crystals usually have a net in the form of cubes almost complete configuration. It seems salt white in color but is in fact made up of small cubes transparent.

And salt are two types, one sea salt Isthsal him from the waters of the sea where placed in the ponds and large built on the shores of the sea or near evaporates water, sun and keep salt blocks crystal, and the second type is what is known as salt Alandrani which is located in the mines on the ground crystallized in the form of blocks of rock crystal.

Salt material can not be dispensed with at all in life, the human body just deep containing on average 100 grams of salt, lose them every day through urine and sweat from 20 to 30 grams setting calls to compensate for the lost of salt from food, and as salt plays a key role in the concentration of water in the tissues, and the salt may lack of the body, the disorders have many dangerous place, do not go away only to compensate the lost of salt, so we hear that the population of the country's tropical ate amount of salt to ensure the water required for time critical in their bodies, so the systems to eat without salt must to determine the duration limit or goes only for people with heart disease, liver, albumin, and some obese and should be done under the opinion of the doctor and his supervision.

Also contains human blood on the salt, as it should be salt in the body's cells, so that they can perform their functions properly, but some studies have shown that the large number of salt or other sodium compounds in human food, could lead to a rise in blood pressure. For this reason, many people are trying to minimize the amount of salt they eat, some people also use salt substitutes that do not contain sodium.